What is Single Point of Failure?

An individual device within a network infrastructure or an individual component within a specific device whose failure would cause an interruption of service.  In computing, single point of failure identified and resolved through redundant and high-availability clusters. For example, upon server failure, another server immediately assumes lost functions and roles.

What Things Are Of Risk of SPOF

Computer Systems/Servers


Storage Devices

People (If I deploy a  Network/Servers and no other one knows that how I do that within all my department or in Organization, then I would also be a single point of failure)

 Security Approach Against SPOF

Fault Tolerance

The ability for an individual device within an environment to remain operational in case of failure or element arranged so that, in the case that a device is not able to work, a back-up element or process can instantly take its place with no loss of service.  Dual CPUs, Dual Power Supply, Dual Network Interface Card, Redundant Hard disks, Power UPS and number of trained peoples are examples of Fault Tolerance.



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